Friday, 20 April 2012

Digipak - Final draft

This is my final draft for my 4 panel digipak, I showed it around the class and to some of my friends who don't do media studies to get some audience feedback. Currently i'm adding last minute touches to it such as a barcode to make it a more believable product.

Final Final Digipak


Audience Feedback

Sam Chamberlain - I think it's good, I really like the flower motif you have going on and it has a real bohemian feel to it.

Josh Savage - I think it's really well made and I love the flower patterns present although there is no writing on the side of the digipak and I think that would add more realism to the product

Dylan Elwell - It's pretty abstract but it all fits together well enough so that it isn't a problem and doesn't make it look terrible

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