Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Preliminary exercise!

For our preliminary exercise we were tasked to film and edit a short continuity film. This short film had to include various types of shots including match on action, shot-reverse shot and we had to employ the 180 degree rule throughout the entire short film. This task is meant to show that we can keep a good continuity throughout this short film using various shots and editing techniques.

Pre production
The pre production element of our preliminary exercise consisted mainly of storyboarding and focusing on what shots we would use for our storyboard. Initially we drafted ideas for what our story could be and eventually settled on a comedy style story of a boy that gets a text from his girlfriend/love interest only to find out that that she isn't a she at all. the punch line was going to be saved until the very end, for a greater comedy effect.
Changes to the script
However as I was ill during the filming process the storyboard and script had to be changed for the purpose of having some film before our time was up. The script was changed to a more simpler tale of a boy getting a text from his girlfriend and he thinks she's going to break up with him. He goes to meet her and finds out that he's been making a big deal out of nothing, as she doesn't want to dump him. Along with storyboarding, writing the script was also a major part of pre production. Due to the fact that the film is only 2 minutes long the script is quite small but it gave us something to follow during filming and along with the representation of shots on the storyboard it helped us have a clear view of what we were going to shoot.

Final script

Alex walks to locker, opens it, then receiving a text message, he takes the phone out of his pocket, read the message and puts it back into his pocket. He then walks through a door and down a corridor to meet Alice.
Arrives at door, looks through then opens it and walks into the room, where Alice is waiting.
Alex: …you wanted to talk?

Alice: Well…It’s just that

Alex: Well…

Alice: Shall we see 'Back to the Future' or 'Buried' tonight?

Alex: I don’t care… 'Back to the Future'?

Alice: 'Buried' it is!


Problems we faced
During filming we encountered various problems we had to overcome.
  • During our time filming we had trouble finding suitable rooms as most were taken or would be taken the next time we needed to film
  • As I was ill after the first week of filming the script and storyboard had to be changed, causing some harsh time restraints.
  • Not breaking the 180 degree rule
  • We'd never used the film equipment before so we had to take time to get to grips with all the equipment

Overcoming adversity
To stop to problem of relying on one room for the task that may or may not be available during filming the film was shot in multiple places across the school that were free and edited to flow together coherently. This insured that the film had all the shots that were necessary and also helped save time as we didn't have to wait for areas to be free.

The film was not shot in chronological order which helped save a lot of time as if an area was not free to film in, another shot or scene could be filmed in another place. The storyboard and script helped keep the filming very organised and stopped any time delays that come from lack of organisation. There was never more than two takes for an individual scene which as the camera work was good enough to allow this which also helped save a lot of time. This also helped speed up the post production process as there was no need to shift through lots of takes to find the best one

All shots were planned through thoroughly to make sure the rule was not broken an there was a stable sense of continuity.

The group helped each other understand what each individual piece of equipment did to make sure that if someone was ill or absent during or before filming this wouldn't stop the filming or slow down the process.

I'd say in conclusion that even though we faced some big problems (main character not being here during filming) the organisation we had helped stop this stopping the task altogether and helped the film come together as well as it did